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source code, Unix/FreeBSD-related:

patch for /usr/ports/mail/cyrus - allow 8-bit characters in headers
port of fhttpd ftp/www server (not committed yet)
injector - high-performance mail2news gateway
floppy boot sector for FAT - standalone, useful for diskless booting
more published programs and scripts (with source)
other FreeBSD ports I maintain

Random scripts, mostly in Perl5:

convert Merit RADIUS accounting log into tab-separated lines of selected fields
update serial number for BIND zone files

Internet projects and web sites:

.UA Network Information Center
Mozilla koi8-u support project page
Compact Soft group - software archive
kohmanyuk's photos More of kohmanyuk's photos

In Real Life:

My resume - just in case...
My Tekmetrics certification
My little photo gallery
Article for listok magazine, issue #2

Mirrored files:

2 lines of perl to add strong encryption to famous browser


ЛАБИРИНТ ОТРАЖЕНИЙ / фантастический роман - Сергей Лукьяненко
Сетевой журнал "XYZ"
fhttpd ftp/www server
[Russian Palm III]
Озон - питерский Амазон
Planet Aquarium - the semi-official site of Boris Grebenshikov and Aquarium Best voicemail, fax, toll-free and e-mail in one package

A piss into face of corporate capitalism:

[DeCSS logo]
DeCSS - source code for DVD player (FreeBSD and Linux), with descriptions of lame DVD system encryption

Obligatory button line (pretty low):

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"The Internet was created by DARPA to increase communication between government institutions, universities, and research labs via the exchange of pornographic JPEGs." --Reid Fleming

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